Types of Chains

Anchor Chain   Anchor Chains

The Anchor chain features oval links with a dividing bar through the middle, linked to a similar oval link. This chain copies the style of chain used to hold large anchors on ships. 
  Ball Chain   Ball Chains

A Ball chain (or bead chain) is made of tiny metal spheres or small metal balls. These spheres can be solid or hollow to reduce the weight of the chain.  Each metal sphere is placed immediately adjacent to each other and joined by small lengths of wire.
Box Chain   Box Chains

The Box chain is constructed from square or cubed links. It is made from round wire which is rolled flat and folded into square link that form open boxes or cubes.  Box chains are strong and don’t easily break. Thinner versions of box chains are popular for women’s jewelry and are often paired up with pendants.  Thicker box chains can be worn as stand-alone statement pieces by both women and men. 
  Cable Chain   Cable Chains

The Cable chain is formed with single round or oval links, interlocked in a uniform pattern, with each link lying at a ninety-degree angle to the next link. This traditional, well-known chain is also known as a link chain.
Curb Chain   Curb Chains

The Curb chain is a simple, classic design the links interlock with each other when laid flat. Historically, larger link curb chains have been worn has a statement piece, popular among men.  Smaller, thinner curb chains are popular among women when pairing the chain with pendants. This chain has the greatest variety of widths available, ranging from a few millimeters to four centimeters.
  Figaro Chain   Figaro Chains

The Figaro chain style originated in Italy and is named after the popular Italian opera The Marriage of Figaro.  This chain features flattened, twisted links connected in a pattern of 2 or 3 shorter links, alternating with a longer link.
Rope Chain   Rope Chains

The Rope chain consists of links that have been carefully woven together forming twisted, rope-like lengths of chain. Rope chains come in both delicate versions, a popular choice for pendant necklaces, and heavier versions where the chain itself is the main attraction.
  Singapore Chain   Singapore Chains

Singapore chain is constructed using a series of flat, diamond-cut chain links. These links are interwoven together to form a diamond shape. Then the diamond shaped links are twisted and flattened to form the chain.  Singapore chains are popular to hold pendant. Because of how they are constructed they are very strong regardless of width.
Snake Chain   Snake Chains

The snake chain construction starts with smooth, round metal plates or bands. The links are joined to create a continual flexible tube.  This smooth, flexible appearance is reminiscent of a snake due to the slight zigzag pattern.  Snake chains are easy to maintain and clean.
  Spiga Chain   Spiga Chains

The Spiga chain name is derived from the Spanish word espiga, meaning wheat.  Spiga or Wheat chains feature small figure 8 links braided and woven together. The chain tends to look like the tips of wheat stalks.